Friday, February 28, 2014

February Happenings

I've been pretty busy at work so it's been hard to keep up with blogging, but a lot of fun things and new changes are happening around here.

We've been working on getting into a routine around here. Bedtime is 6:30pm, wake up time is 6:30am and we do a dream feed when I go to bed and Emma wakes up once in the early morning for a diaper change (this is new, ugh) and quick feeding. She hangs out with mommy in the morning and we do things like get ready, eat breakfast and check in to work before the first nap. We started going to Stroller Strides/Barre a couple days a week, so after her morning nap we head out the door for that. It's been fun for her and hard work for me, but we really like it! After I'm done at work for the day, she gets in the carrier and we get the mail, go for a walk and water the garden. That's probably my favorite part of the day. :)

Mike's dad turned 60 this month and we hosted a small family birthday party for him. It was fun having everyone over and after lunch, we headed to the park for some play time.

Emma has started teething. :( We got her an amber necklace to help with the pain and drool. So far I think it's been helping a bit, but she's just starting to get into this, so we'll see how it goes. Last night she woke up at 8pm (she never does that!) with a different cry I've never heard before. When I picked her up, she was still crying/whimpering. I gave her some teething tablets, wrapped the necklace around her ankle and fed her. She went back down right away and had a decent night otherwise. I can definitely see two little bumps where her bottom front teeth would be coming in. The best part about teething is all the snuggles. :)

Speaking of Emma's health, her rashes were near completely gone this month, but last weekend we had a small flare up. It's slowly going away again, but we have a follow up appointment on Monday. We got some diaper liners and her diaper area has really cleared up, so we are back in cloth, yay! We started having blowouts nearly every day (or every time she pooped in the carseat) so we were really ready to get back to cloth. I'm pretty sure half of her onesies are stained now.

Our CSA basket from Agritopia is done now and while we really enjoyed it and loved all our produce, we decided not to do it for the Spring. I decided I'd go to their farmer's markets when we need/want produce and hand pick what to get that way since we ended up with way more citrus than we knew what to do with. This week we didn't go grocery shopping (partly because we were over budget, partly because I didn't have time), so I've been scrapping the bottom of the barrel with our fridge, freezer and pantry. I ended up coming up with a dish that we will definitely be making again – coconut chicken curry with rice noodles. It was amazingly delicious and also gluten and dairy free (I'm still gluten/dairy/egg/peanut free and low sugar).

Emma is sitting up really well now and enjoys her time in the Bumbo. She loves to read books and look at all the bright colors. Sometimes she holds the corner of the book while I'm reading, it is the cutest thing! Also, notice how there is NO hair on the back of her head? Yeah, it all fell out, but it is starting to come back in again….and blonde!

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