Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The above picture is one from Valentine's Day and part of my effort to be in more pictures with Emma rather than take pictures of everyone else. I want her to see us together in the pictures when she is older.

Here's what we've been up to lately:

After months of trying at-home and over-the-counter treatments, Emma's rashes were just not getting better. Our pediatrician told us to just let them be and they'll go away on their own, but we just didn't think that was the right treatment, especially since she was starting to scratch them. We found a new local pediatrician and decided to take her to a naturopathic pediatrician to treat the rashes. Our initial appointment was three weeks ago and I'm so happy to say that the rashes are almost completely gone! Turns out she had a mix of eczema and fungal/yeast rashes that she thinks are caused by a food intolerance. Her and I both started taking extra supplements, I went on an elimination diet (dairy, eggs, peanuts, cashews, cut down on sugar and I already cut gluten). We also have been using a fluconazole/calendula medicated cream on her along with a calendula lotion and we took the humidifier out of her room. Our follow-up appointment is next Thursday and I can't wait to show the Dr the great results we are having!

So yes, I have been on a big elimination diet. It actually has made me feel really good and I've lost a few pounds from it. The only time it becomes a challenge is eating at restaurants (so we just don't) or if I don't have a meal planned or food prepped. I also am trying out a workout group called Stroller Strides and so far I really like it. I love the idea of working out with your baby!

We also planted a garden in our backyard with the help of my mom and dad (I call them our CSA members). :) It's going to be fun to watch it grow! We are mostly testing things out and seeing where plants grow best since we are planning our backyard right now.

Oh yes, a backyard! We have been getting quotes for landscaping and pavers and coming up with ideas for a plan. I can hardly wait until we can hang out back there and Emma can roll around outside. The weather has been beautiful lately and all I want to do is be outside!

We have gone to a few play dates with other moms and babies and have started making new friends! I love seeing Emma interact with other babies, especially since she is home with us all day, every day. We feel so blessed to be able to be with her so much, but we are starting to see that she gets nervous around people she doesn't know. I love that she has interaction with other babies this way!

Emma's bedtime has been around 6:30 every night and she is down by 6:45ish without much struggle anymore. She pretty much just talks herself to sleep and stays asleep until I get her out of bed for her two dream feeds. Last night she went from midnight until 7am! She woke up once but went back to sleep on her own pretty quickly. I'm really hoping this is a new trend and I can start pushing out that last dream feed.

This past month has been one of the most fun and best times we've had with Emma. While every phase has its ups and downs, the ups right now have been so incredibly joyful. We really see her personality shine through and can see that she is going to be such a loving, kind and joyful little girl. My favorite moments are during feedings when she looks up at me and smiles and milk pours out of her mouth. So messy, but so cute!


  1. Love that last part--can just see it. She IS such a sweet little girl, like her mama was. One correction: by the time you have a grassy yard she will be running, not rolling. That happens.

  2. ...and I really do like that picture from valentines day!