Friday, April 4, 2014

Emma: 7 months

Date: April 3

Stats: We have no clue, will have to measure her on the scale soon!

Sleep: We've bumped her bedtime to around 7pm and this seems to be working well. She wakes up anywhere from 6am to 7:30am. I'm so relieved we're not doing anymore 5am mornings! I'm still doing a dream feed when I go to bed and sometimes she'll wake up around midnight, but goes back down on her own until 3 or 4am when we do our night feeding. This seems to work for us lately, I'm not complaining! Her naps have become VERY regular where we can know she will be sleeping at least 1.5 hours, sometimes 2.5! She is pretty much at two naps per day. The days we do Stroller Strides she will take a quick morning nap right before we go and two additional naps afterwards.

Feeding: Still breastfeeding and we introduced solids a couple days ago! We started with pureed sweet potatoes and she absolutely loved them! Next we are trying zucchini and butternut squash, hopefully we have the same positive results. We also started giving her a sippy cup with a little water in it. We help her get some water after eating to wash it down, but it's mostly to get her used to the cup and to learn how to drink out of it. We found a glass one that has a plastic case protecting it and a silicone top. We really like it so far!

Clothing size: 6-12 months/9 months depending on the brand. She has a few 12 month things that actually fit!

Likes: smiling at everyone, a goofy laugh that sounds like she has a hairball (she makes lots of cat noises, ha), devouring Sophie's face, Stroller Strides/Barre, being outside, both grandmas, being tickled on her tummy, being in the high chair, sweet potatoes, playing on the floor

Dislikes: when someone scares her (grandpa!), getting dressed, when she can't reach for something

Teeth: None, but we can see two bumps on the bottom!

Biggest changes: She is so close to crawling, she does push-ups and a downward dog yoga pose, so funny! This girl has strong legs. She has started doing a little army crawl and somehow manages to get herself across the room! When she gets excited she gets a scrunched up nose and does a funny heavy breathing thing. She is just overall such a fun and entertaining little girl! She's really starting to form a personality and know who people are around her (not just mommy and daddy). She started solids this month which was a bit of an emotional thing for mommy, but she still loves her milkies. :)

We couldn't have asked for a more fun, loving and well-behaved baby. How did we get so lucky?!

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