Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Emma: 8 months

Date: May 3

Stats: We have no clue, will have to measure her on the scale soon!

Sleep: She's been doing pretty well with sleep lately. Her longest stretch is usually 5-7 hours now and she is VERY consistent. It's rare she naps less than 1.5 hrs (usually over 2 hours), unless its past 3pm. She has started going down for bed very quickly and without much fuss or noise at all.

Feeding: Breastmilk and solids. We did purees for about a week and decided to do baby-led weaning instead. She does really well with chunks of food and so far has had banana, avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, sweet potato, squash, peas, beets and even a piece of lettuce. She has loved it all! We're being cautious about introducing food to her, but are wanting to give her what we eat sooner rather than later. We plan on keeping her dairy and gluten free for a while still….she still reacts to dairy in my milk so we know that hasn't passed yet.

Clothing size: 6-12 months/9 months depending on the brand. She has a few 12 month things that fit too.

Likes: crawling everywhere non-stop, looking in the mirror on the floor, making noises at us back and forth (it's like she's talking to us!), chewing on all her toys, shaking her maracas, music, mommy and daddy being silly

Dislikes: laying on her back…diaper changes are getting very difficult!

Teeth: Still none. We had an amber teething necklace for her, but we figured out her skin is sensitive to it and was causing a rash on her neck. :(

Biggest changes: Emma started crawling a couple weeks ago! She wasn't too interested in it when she started, but now she likes to crawl everywhere! She dislikes laying on her back and will flip over and turn herself around to sit up. She is really starting to get the hang of eating and figuring out her food. She is very good at using her straw cup and loves to drink water. She really knows who we are now and likes to play with us, its so much fun!

Can't believe we only have 4 months until her first birthday!

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