Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Emma: 11 months

Date: August 3

Stats: Not sure, but it definitely seems like she has gained some weight!

Sleep: This month was so on and off for sleep. She's been teething A LOT, so that has been waking her up. She was also sick and that made things worse too. Right now she's not going down for naps on her own very well and will sometimes take just one nap. Nights are fairly regular, but lately she's been doing an 11/midnight waking. She wakes up around 7:45am nearly every morning.

Feeding: Breastmilk and solids. She's really eating most of what we are, with her absolute favorite being hummus. We tried some dairy with her and she seemed ok, but spit up a bit and had a case of the runs the next day. Good to know she can have a bit of it, but we're still avoiding. Also avoiding wheat because she threw up from it two separate times. We're looking into doing some allergy testing for that. We're still breastfeeding every 3-4 hours.

Clothing size: 6-12 months/9 months depending on the brand. She has a few 12 month things that fit too.

Likes: mommy and daddy singing to her (any kids song, no songs on the radio), pointing to everything including our eyes (ouch), waving to everyone she sees, blowing raspberries, playing with her pots and pans in her new playroom, watching the landscapers install our backyard

Dislikes: her feet in the grass, our morning breathe (who would?!), being left alone for too long

Teeth: Two on the bottom, two on the top, two more coming in the top!

Biggest changes: Everything goes in her mouth still, she loves to mimic our laughs, more interactive and playful. She has a ton more hair and I have started using hair bows, but she recently discovered them and likes to pull them out of her hair. She gets really excited when mommy comes in to the room and gets super playful when mommy says "I'm gonna get you!" Her favorite word lately is "za!"

It's so hard to believe she turns one in just a month! We are planning her birthday party and have designed the invitations which are going out soon. I'm on the hunt for a decent gluten/dairy free cake recipe that is also low sugar for her smash cake. Going to test out a few recipes soon and will post the result if I find something good. :)

See, she likes to point at your eyes!

Monday, August 4, 2014

World Breastfeeding Week

This week is officially World Breastfeeding Week. I remember hearing about this last year while I was 8 months pregnant and hoping and praying I would be able to still be nursing by the time it came around in 2014. Feeling very grateful that we are still going strong and breastfeeding has worked out for both Emma and I. The joy and bond that comes from nursing a baby is hard to describe, it is my favorite thing from this past year!

As Emma approaches turning 1, I get asked sometimes if we're working on weaning her or if she's weaning herself. The answer is no. I'm prepared to nurse her for as long as she needs/wants. I never thought I'd feel that way, but it's become more than just a means to feed my baby. It's a bond we share, it's comfort when she's sick or hurt and it is security for her which helps her become more independent.

Maybe we'll be celebrating World Breastfeeding Week next year, maybe not. I'm just cherishing this precious time we have with our little baby while she still is one.