Friday, January 23, 2015

Thoughts on Post-Whole30

We're on Day 18, which means we have less than two weeks until we are done with the Whole30. Our cravings haven't totally gone away, so we are excited to have some of our old foods again (even things like brown rice!), but we've also realized how those foods have been affecting us after eating them daily. I'm hoping we can take on an 80/20 approach to things…80% of our meals paleo, 20% not. That means about four meals per week are not paleo where we can use beans, rice, sugar, gluten, dairy, etc…or go out to a restaurant and eat those things.

I've been gluten free for over three years, but still always had some slight stomach issues. Over those years of being gluten free I've heard and read a lot from naysayers, saying that it's "all in my head." Ha, I beg to differ. The summer after we were married I was so sick, bloated, crampy and gaining a lot of weight (there are other reasons this happened so suddenly, but I had struggled with these issues for years, ever since I got food poisoning in 2006 in India). Going gluten free gave me an almost immediate and dramatic relief to those symptoms. I cut gluten and tried not to replace them with unhealthy gluten free options, so I also ended up losing weight.

After doing Whole30, I feel refreshed, healed and rejuvenated! I can see how grains (even gluten free ones), dairy, processed food, sugar and legumes affect me. But, I am very curious, after over three years, if gluten would still have the same affect on me. Honestly, I'm totally fine being gluten free and even paleo at home, but it is really difficult when out and dining at friend's houses. I'd like to have the option to not bug everyone about what is in their food. So, I'm going to try eating a bit of gluten after the Whole30 and see what happens. I don't anticipate intentionally eating a lot of gluten in the future since I generally don't think it's a healthy thing to consume, but it would be nice to not worry about it hidden in things.

I've decided not to care what people think. I'm going to eat what makes me feel good, and I know my body better than anyone. So if that means I can eat cross-contaminated food and not feel sick, I will. Or even having one cookie and be ok, I will do that too. But if eating an entire sandwich or plate of lasagna doesn't feel good, I'm not going to eat that. Our recent visit with Emma's allergist assured me of that, he said if I feel better eating a certain way to do that and not listen to naysayers. So nice to hear that from a medical professional.

We still need to be careful of what we feed Emma though, she has thrown up every time she eats gluten/wheat and we don't know why. We also just found out she has a tree nut/peanut allergy and now have epi pens just in case. I'm pretty scared and nervous about all of this and we're still waiting for blood test results to come back…that is a whole other post though.

In general, I want to focus on just being healthy overall, with a few special occasions here and there (but keep it out of the house!). I haven't felt this good in a long, long time and I don't want it to go away. I feel like post-Whole30 will be the beginning of a whole new perspective for us. :)

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