Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Whole30: Days 1-10

January 5 we started our very first Whole30 journey! We weren't sure what to expect and I was pretty nervous so I spent quite a bit of time food prepping that first week. We know more of what we like and need for the week now so the second week wasn't quite as bad, but it is definitely a huge help to prep things like precooked meats, sauces (homemade mayo is a MUST as a base for delicious sauces!) and cut up veggies. Above is just a sampling of some of the new delicious meals we've been trying. I'm really enjoying the new recipes we've been trying and it has re-energized my creativity in cooking.

The first few days were tough, they call those the "hangover" days, but I struggled more with cravings at night to snack. Days 6-8 brought on extreme tiredness and day 9 brought on a bloated feeling. We're now on day 10 and things are going much smoother, as long as I can wake up early enough to get a big enough breakfast in before my workout. I'm nursing, so I get hungry quite often and allow myself mini-meal snacks (especially pre and post workout).

I get a lot of questions about this program and why we are doing it. Here's a few details:

• It is ONLY for 30 days! This is not a full on lifestyle change, but a way to recognize unhealthy foods, train your body not to crave those foods anymore and heal your body from all the junk.

• We are doing this to be healthier, kick our cravings (for me its salty snacks at night, for Mike its sweets) and to help motivate us to explore new and exciting recipes/meals.

• It is very similar to paleo, but has rules like you can't make "junk" food out of compliant ingredients (like banana/egg pancakes).

• It is near impossible to eat at a restaurant during this. We just don't see the value in going out to eat only to order a dry/unseasoned piece of meat with a dry salad. Our meals at home are much better tasting and we save money by doing that!

• The basic rules are no sugar, alcohol, grains (including quinoa), dairy (except for ghee) and legumes.

20 more days to go! :)

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