Friday, February 6, 2015

Emma's Allergy Update

Last month we took Emma to an allergist because she had reacted to dairy, wheat and nuts in the past. Her skin test showed positive for peanuts and tree nuts, but negative for wheat. Since her dairy symptoms are gone, the doctor ruled that one out. She had recently been throwing up from ingesting wheat so we were still testing that one.

We went and had blood work done a few weeks ago and got the results during our appointment today. I'm happy to say we had some great results come back!

Now let me just say that yesterday Emma accidentally consumed wheat and peanut butter (Tagalongs!!) and did not throw up but had hives on her face from the peanuts. You can imagine my response when I walk in the door from Pilates and see the epi pen on the table, out of the case! We ended up not needing it, but so thankful Mike was ready to use it if necessary. 

So the blood results...she came back negative for wheat and a very very low level for peanuts and tree nuts, but so low that some labs would say negative.

Here's the tough part...there's not enough research to know if avoiding or constant exposure will help. The doctor felt that constant exposure is the way to go though, so we are cautiously going that route (with epi pens close by). Every day we will give her a bit of wheat, peanuts and cashews. She will probably get some hives, but the hope is those will stop and we can keep increasing the dosage over time.

I'm excited, but also nervous and cautious. I so badly want Emma to be able to eat pizza, cake, cookies, PB sandwiches on occasion and not have to be the helicopter mom at the parks when all the other kids are eating goldfish. It's a huge relief knowing her level of allergy to these things, although the doctor said symptoms CAN get worse and that is where they just don't know if avoidance or exposure is best.

Please pray our at home testing and exposure experiment work and we can live a bit more carefree. 

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