Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I turned 30 yesterday. Starting a new decade has me thinking quite a bit about where my life is at and where I pictured it being and how that has changed over the years. Not only did turning 30 spark this, but also reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up on our recent trip to San Diego and our trip itself. 

I love organization and have always wanted our home to be more organized and orderly, but I just haven't taken the time to do it or really known where to start. I have a plan now and am ready to get going. The book talks about how life-changing it is once you do the KonMari method (the method she teaches in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up). I need this. I need the focus, energy, cleanliness and organized spaces. I feel like I've been in a creative slump for way too long and need to get our home in order to get past that.

Our trip was SO. MUCH. FUN. We relaxed, had adventures, tried new things and just lived on the beach for a week. I'm convinced we need to do this every year. Heck, I even considered moving to San Diego for part of the trip! Some of the things we did made me realize we could be doing more of those things at home too though and we haven't taken the time to discover our own surroundings.

But back to turning 30. Here are a few things I've been reflecting on:

- I am married to a guy who has exceeded all expectations of what I always pictured my husband being. He's so kind, loving, patient and calm and loves me endlessly. I'm a lucky lady.

- My daughter is the little girl I always dreamed I'd have with more spunk, personality and humor than I could have ever imagined. She has so many traits, interests and quirks from both of us, it's so fun to watch. She loves singing and music, loves to color, can count to 19, knows most of her colors and is such a petite and dainty athlete.

- We live in an awesome neighborhood in a beautiful home and have been making some pretty great friends here. Never did I imagine that would happen, but I'm so glad it has!

- I'm doing what I always dreamed of doing in my career – being an art director at a publication company. While I always pictured myself living elsewhere doing this, life has taken me down a different path. I am so lucky to be able to work from home and create my own schedule. It allows me to be the mom I always wanted to be. While there are definitely struggles and difficulties that come with this, I do have the best of both worlds.

- We are in a strong financial place and are working on setting ourselves up for living well later in life. I never gave much thought to this and really struggled with managing money in my early 20's. There are times I wish I could go back and change how I did things but it was all a learning process.

- I've always tried to be a kind, generous, outgoing and thoughtful person and I still pursue being that type of person, although it's difficult to learn that sometimes people don't want to accept that or misunderstand intentions.

Part of the KonMari method is to first reflect on what you want your life to look like. I spent some time doing this on our trip and wrote everything out. I won't be sharing everything since some of it is very personal to me or just so detailed that no one but me really cares. Here are a few major points I noted:

- Facilitate and enhance current interests/lifestyle. I feel like I have lost touch with a few things that I have always loved. I need to find my creativity again and feed it.

- Try new things that interest me. I have let so many things go that I always intend to do but never get around to. Time to jump in and DO IT.

- Be conscious…. of time, what we buy, what we bring into our home, what we eat, how we live our lives, everything. Don't get so wrapped up in one part of life that I forget about the others.

- Try new things and explore. Locally in our town, metropolitan area and also day trips around Arizona. There are so many things right here within our reach and we don't take the time to explore it and discover new things.

- Find a way to organize and manage life, work, home, parenting, etc that WORKS!

Cheers to a new decade!

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