Wednesday, October 7, 2015


It's about time I post our big news here on the blog. We are expecting baby #2 in April of next year (April 8 due date)! Emma is excited to be a big sister and I'm thrilled to not be 9 months pregnant during the hottest and most humid month again. ;) We can't wait to add another little nugget to our family and watch Emma as a sister. She's so loving and gentle with babies so we know she'll do great!

This blog has been so scarce lately! Between running our neighborhood moms group, managing events for Fit4Mom, MOPS at church and oh yeah that full time job, it's been tough to keep up with everything. I've been keeping track of Emma and new baby's milestones in my notes on my phone for future baby books (yes I STILL need to make Emma's!), but hoping I will share again here about the new baby. I love looking back on old posts about my pregnancy with Emma and about her as a baby.

A few things that happened over the past few months (other than the new baby of course):
• I went on a mom's only staycation in July and had so much fun! Little did I know I was 3 weeks pregnant. :)
• Emma turned two! We had a family dinner at our house and a friend party on labor day. She had so much fun celebrating!
• Emma got her first American Girl doll, a bitty baby!
• We were still nursing until I was about 11 weeks pregnant and Emma was a couple weeks past two. I'm so grateful we hit our goal of 2 years. We were both ready to be done. I'm so happy we waited for that time to come, it made "weaning" so much easier and not really much of a weaning process at all.
• Emma is talking SO MUCH. As in non-stop, all day long. She repeats everything and amazes us every single day with her knowledge and the words that come out of her mouth. We feel so blessed to have such a sweet, loving and calm child. If every child could be like this and we could skip over those rough first few months (years?), I think I'd have 5 more.
• Early pregnancy was exhausting and nauseating, but I'm happy to say it wasn't quite as bad as with Emma. My mom thinks that is a sure sign we are having a boy, ha! I have continued working out throughout pregnancy so far, although it's been scarce during the first trimester.
• Speaking of boy or girl...yes we will find out, it will be in early-mid November, no we do not prefer one over the other, we'd be happy with a boy or another girl!

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