Friday, December 4, 2015


I've totally been slacking keeping updates on this pregnancy vs when we were pregnant with Emma. Obviously we are way busier now with a toddler so that is part of it but also because I feel like we track things more on Instagram now rather than the blog. I've been keeping track of stats and milestones for the new baby in my phone too.

This pic is from Thanksgiving, I was 21 weeks which means we are just past the halfway mark (22 weeks today)! Just a few notes so far with this pregnancy:

- I've had a cold TWICE already! I rarely get sick and have been so frustrated I've had two colds, ugh.

- Around 19 weeks I felt way more run down and a ton of cramping. I had a stressful couple of weeks before that with traveling for work, big work deadline and just a million events and things to do. Mike also worked a lot in November so evenings were mostly Emma and me.

- I'm still feeling a lot of cramping. The midwife said it's normal to feel more and earlier with the second.

- This week Mike was able to feel the baby kick! I've been feeling her move for a while now...I swear I felt her at 13 weeks but that seems really, really early. She's super active on ultrasounds, just like Emma was.

- I feel like I'm about to have a huge belly growth spurt in the next few weeks. I keep hearing my belly is so tiny (even though it feels so huge to me), but all this cramping must mean a bunch of stretching, right?

- I'm still doing my barre and High Fitness workouts when Mike's not working (and I'm not sick). I've definitely slowed down and had to modify, but I'm so happy I'm still able to workout and feeling good about it. I'm starting at a pilates studio in January where I'll be doing reformer, power yoga and more barre classes. I didn't workout at all with Emma (ok, prenatal yoga once a week which was more like a mental relaxation class), so I'm glad I'm sticking with it this time. I'm really hoping starting out healthy and fit before getting pregnant this time and keeping up my workouts throughout the pregnancy will help me recover quicker this time and jump back into things sooner. I felt pretty sluggish, out of it, dizzy and completely off for a long time with Emma. It also took me over a year to fit into old clothes and really start feeling myself again.

- We are throwing names around and have a few good options, but aren't ready to commit to anything quite yet...which means we won't be announcing anything for a while still. We may even wait until she is born, if I can be that patient.

- I've been buying stuff for the new bedrooms but haven't made any progress on those yet. We are getting them painted and moving Emma to a new room. We're also talking about making the girls' bathroom a flamingo themed room. :)

- Thanksgiving was great, we ate so much that weekend! Speaking of eating a lot, I can't seem to control myself with food this pregnancy. I stay up super late and just eat and eat and eat. Yikes.

This coming Monday is our first group appointment with the midwife! We'll be doing a one on one with the midwife for the first part of the appointment and the last part is a group setting with other couples due the same month as us. We accidentally went to the wrong group last month (no wonder everyone seemed so far ahead of me!). We enjoyed it and are looking forward to meeting our actual group!

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