Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pregnancy Recap

Does anyone even blog anymore? I've so been slacking on keeping up with things with this pregnancy. With Emma I had a personal pregnancy journal and tracked things pretty regularly on here and I have so loved looking back and reading those posts. I just wanted to post a bit of a recap before we have this baby and forget life before we had two kids. Things have been so different this pregnancy, I want to be sure I document those memories and experiences!

First, we did a family photoshoot earlier this year with a friend of mine, Jasmine Amber Photography. We skipped doing a fall/winter photoshoot like we usually do for Christmas cards since we knew we wanted to document this pregnancy and our family right before this second baby comes. We love, love, love all the pictures and used a lot of them in the nursery!

Speaking of the nursery, I definitely didn't spend as much time planning it as I did with Emma. We moved Emma to a different room and she is in a big girl bed with all new decor (still working on finishing her room) and we moved the nursery to what used to be the guest room. Emma's nursery was bright, warm and so small so we figured that was best as a guest room/extra room. We took a lot of things from Emma's nursery and used them in this one but added a few new things and kept the walls neutral (BM Revere Pewter like the rest of the house). We learned that this room will change so much as she grows up so we didn't want to put too much into it only to change it around two years later. I'm excited at how it turned out and feel like it'll grow really well with her! One big thing we made sure to get early on this time was a big comfy chair to nurse in. I made that mistake with Emma and got a bentwood rocker that was not the most comfortable thing when nursing multiple times in the middle of the night. I am so excited to have found this beautiful comfy chair at DownEast (it's a PB Kids chair!).

I started this pregnancy in really good shape, the best shape of my life! We were also eating super healthy and minus a hiccup of sickness in the first trimester, I've stuck to eating healthy pretty much this entire pregnancy! My biggest cravings have been guacamole and donuts...I eat guac so much, almost one avocado a day, but have not had one single donut (the only gf donuts I've heard of are at a bakery in Phoenix). I've been doing lots of smoothies and eating a hearty breakfast in the morning full of lots of protein. I was working out for quite a while this pregnancy too – up until I was about 7 months pregnant. I didn't eat the best during my pregnancy with Emma and didn't work out at all (other than some relaxing prenatal yoga), so this was a big change for this pregnancy and I'm so proud of myself for keeping it up. 

Despite all these things, I'm still feeling the puffy swollen feet late in pregnancy and the aches and pains. Keeping up with a two year old has made this pregnancy so much harder on my body. I've had some anxiety and stress with getting things done (with the holidays and then someone in our house constantly being sick for about two months, we got so behind!). We decided to hire a doula a bit late in the game, but couldn't be happier that we did! She has already been such a great resource for us and has given me so much peace of mind for when the big day arrives. I feel more confident that this birth can go more so how I would like it to and avoid a few things that didn't go the way I would have liked them to with Emma's birth. We are also with a group of midwives this time, going to a different hospital that seems like it leans more towards what our goals and wishes for labor are and I am going to try placenta encapsulation this time.

Another huge change is that I have a HUGE support of mom friends who we didn't even know before having Emma. It's been such a blessing to have these moms and their support during this pregnancy and for us once baby is here. I have developed some really great friendships and we are so grateful for these people in our lives!

We have been spending the past few weeks enjoying our time together as a family of three. It's so emotional thinking this is the last time with just the three of us and our lives will forever be changed! I have been praying Emma adjusts well and talk to her often about the changes that are coming and how much she means to us.

And yes, we do have a name picked out! We won't be sharing on social media until she is born, but it is the sweetest thing ever hearing Emma say her name and refer to her room, diapers and clothes with her name. I am thrilled Emma will have a sister she can have a close bond with through her entire life!

One thing that isn't different is how this early labor is going. Again, I am having real contractions for hours, multiple days in a row with no baby in the end. It's been tiring, frustrating and so emotional but I am so thankful I have the support of my doula, midwives, husband, family and friends to encourage me that it WILL happen and my body will know what to do when the time comes. So now we sit here and wait for this baby girl to join our family. We are so excited and anxious to meet this little girl and already love her so much!

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