Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ruby: One Month

I guess I didn't do a post about our baby being born, Ruby Aurora was born on April 19 at 5:51am. She was 8lb 10oz and 21in long. I'm still working on the birth story, but it was incredible! We were able to have the natural birth we hoped for, which all happened super quick (once labor finally started – I was 11 days overdue!). I've been recovering so much better this time, it's a night and day difference. It might be due to having more confidence, being more fit this time around or the placenta encapsulation – it's been really great and has made things so much easier for all of us!

* The quilt she is laying on was made by Mike's late grandma, Aurora (who Ruby is named after)

Date: May 19

Stats: 9 lbs 12 oz, 21.5 in long (this was last week when she was 3 weeks...I wouldn't be surprised if she was 10lbs by now!)

Sleep: Naps are all over the place. It's hard for her to sleep with big sister around, so considering trying to get her some set naps when it seems she is tired (still kind of all the time). Night sleep is going ok, her first stretch is anywhere from 3-5.5 hours long and then after that it's two hour spurts. We're really hoping she turns into a great sleeper and can get that first stretch a bit longer!

Feeding: Exclusively breastfed, she takes a bottle and pacifier like a champ! This helps mom out so much. We started giving probiotics this week. Ruby is super fast at nursing – she only takes one side at a time and is done in about 10 minutes. It's been a world of difference nursing a baby who doesn't have a tongue/lip tie vs one who does!

Clothing size: She really never fit into newborn size, although we tried. She's filling out 0-3 month size well.

Likes: the ceiling fan, cluster feeding, being worn in the Solly Baby wrap, going out to eat (she sleeps the entire time), evening family walks

Dislikes: bath time, poopy diapers

Biggest changes: It feels like our entire family is still transitioning into being a family of four. Emma is doing so much better adjusting to having Ruby around and sharing our time with her. We're getting so much better at getting out the door in less than two hours (not even exaggerating!) and getting things done around the house. Going back to work in a month will be a challenge, but doable. Ruby is so much more alert now and gives us big smiles although we're not sure if they are intentional or not. Mama is soaking in the newborn phase this time and all the snuggles and nursing sessions. Life is really great!

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