Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ruby: Two Months

Date: June 19 (Father's Day!)

Stats: Last week at her two week checkup she was 12b 6oz and 23.5in. Her head is holding strong in the 95th percentile!

Sleep: We transitioned from the rock n play to her crib (still in our room). We had about three rough nights of sleep and now she is sleeping 5-6 hours straight and then a few more hours to get us to morning. We are working on getting more consistent naps during the day, but she usually gets one long nap at the same time as sister.

Feeding: Breastfeeding – quick and efficient eater!

Clothing size: 0-3 month is getting a bit snug now

Likes: Smiles from family, talking to us, riding in the Lillebaby carrier (with both mom and dad), watching her sister play, being outside

Dislikes: Not a whole lot, she's a fairly content baby!

Biggest changes: Ruby was baptized May 29! She smiles so much and even coos and makes noises at us. She's still quite the grunter, usually when she wakes up at 4am it's with grunting, not crying. She is getting leg rolls, yay! Her hair is thinning out and lightening up a bit. She no longer falls asleep as easily as before, but is still pretty good about putting herself to sleep with a little help. She's getting so fun and responding to us like a baby now – we love having Ruby as part of our family!

Mama updates: I start work on Monday after 10 weeks of maternity leave. We're feeling much more in sync now and ready to start this new schedule and routine. I started working out this month when I got cleared at almost 6 weeks. I've been trying to go at least 3x/week. I'm feeling really great!