Friday, December 30, 2016

End of Year Rituals

I haven't really kept up with blogging, but my mom had sent me this link of end of year rituals that looked interesting and I wanted to give it a try. One of the things the blogger suggests is to share these items so here I am sharing them on the blog. I love looking back at the year and reflecting on the joys, challenges and accomplishments and looking forward to the new year with a new perspective. I get so excited about a new year – opportunities to change, grow and learn even more. I can't wait to see what 2017 brings us! Here's the link to the full end of year rituals list:


Write down at least 25 things you are proud of having done or accomplished– in your work life, family life, home life, relationship life, community, health, etc. It can be anything. Don’t be modest for one hour of the year while you do this– too often we brush things aside that do mean a lot to us- even if they are smaller seeming things. If you get any spark of joy or a smile from it, write it down.

• Surviving 3 weeks of contractions and getting through being 11 days overdue
• Giving birth naturally to an almost 9 lb baby

• Surviving the first 8 months of having two kids
• Doing things by myself with two kids (especially bedtime)

• Learning to sew bows
• Growing friendships
• Letting go of things that overwhelm my plate
• Breastfeeding

• Reading books...even if most of them are audio books
• Finding my way back to fitness and eating well
• Hitting my pre-baby weight at 6 months postpartum

• Making monthly date night happen
• Hitting our goal amount for the year in retirement and college savings
• Relaxing a bit more with baby #2
• Making special time with Emma
• Enjoying little moments in life

• Doing a capsule wardrobe
• Feeding my need for creativity by taking classes

• Learning more and more what matters most to me
• Growing as a designer and finding that passion again
• Staying calm while doing baby led weaning with Ruby
• Hanging something on the walls in our house

• Running a 5k
• Starting new holiday traditions

• Growing as a couple and as a family


Pick a word or phrase that summarized the year, overall. And then a word or phrase of what you’re craving more of in the next year.

• Grow
• Minimize
Ironic how the two words are literally opposite.


Pick a word or phrase (or 2 or 3) about the undeniable biggest lessons/obstacles that got presented to you that year. Do they have a theme? Another way to think about this: what called attention to some places you may have not been paying attention to?

Learning to live as a family of four. We didn't expect how difficult it would be for Emma to grow and learn when Ruby was born. That was a huge struggle that is still being worked out.


Just a few more things that I'm hoping and aiming for in 2017:

• Organize and declutter: Our home, my brain and our schedule
• Make things less complicated and bring on the minimalism (check out the Netflix documentary The Minimalists:
• Once our sleep has some sort of order to it, I'd like to get back to being productive early mornings and nights. Until then, I am going to give myself some grace.
• Practice on my new sewing machine
• Keep taking classes that feed my creativity (I had so much fun doing a hand lettering and wreath making class last year)
• Find a balance that works for won't be perfect, but I want to find something that brings me peace and makes me happy.
• Travel again – starting small this year while the girls are still so young
• Keep going with my fitness goals

Ruby: 7 months

Ruby turned 7 months a few days ago! Despite her lack of sleep lately (she wakes up every time we set her down, ah!), she is the happiest baby! She loves smiling, stroller rides around the neighborhood, playing toys with sister, rolling around and has even started to scoot and pull herself up on her hands and knees. She is taking the food thing slow – not a huge fan of many foods yet, but as of this past week she has stopped gagging on everything. She loves to chew on pieces of meat and drink water out of her cup. We guess she's about 18lbs this month, but the growth is slowing down a bit (she can wear some of the cute winter clothes we have for her, yay!). We're looking forward to celebrating the holidays with both our sweet girls this year – feeling so thankful for our family of four! (November 19)

Ruby: 6 months

Ruby turned six months this week! She is a bit over 17 lbs and is the smiliest, happiest baby! She started solids this week but hasn't actually eaten much of it, just playing and exploring so far. She started sleeping great at night, sleeping through most nights (oh please be here to stay), naps are a bit more all over the place but she's starting to get at least one good one in per day. She rolls all over the place and is starting to sit up a bit, but not completely on her own. Those bottom teeth look like they might start coming in soon, but nothing cutting through quite yet. She absolutely adores her older sister and smiles constantly at everyone. This girl is such a joy! (October 19)

Ruby: 5 months

Ruby turned five months! She is so happy and smiling/giggling all the time, especially with her big sister. She has rolled over a few times, but mommy has yet to see it. ☺️ She is about 17.5 lbs now! She loves being a part of the family and sitting in the high chair with us at dinner, playing with her toys. She moved to her own room last week and has started sleeping better at night (although she'll throw in a rough night here or there just to keep us on our toes). She's starting solids next month, she seems excited to get her hands on our food already. This girl is the happiest baby, we love her so much! Such a perfect completion to our family. (September 19)